My name ist Christian Boosen. I was born in Germany, close to the dutch border. I went to Poland in 2001. My first bike was a Yamaha XT500, which i bought used and took her directly on a trip through Austria and along the adriatic see, through greect to Istanbul. Half of the time i spend repairing the bike. When i finaly made it home i had to completely rebuild it. During this time i decided to restore some xt´s every year and sell them in spring.

My passion are bikes from the 70ths till the mid 80ths.  Among them bikes like Yamaha XS360-750, SR/XT500 and two stroke like RD250-400. Kawasaki KZ400-750 twin and klx250. Suzuki GR650, GN 125-450 and of course several BMWs.

I like the construction and the classical way they look and feel. In general i like the use of metal on a bike. It is still quite difficult for me why to use plastic on a Motorbike.

Since some time i own a workshop named 86gear on tunelowa street 2 in Warsaw/Wola Poland.

Why do i like my work?

 Well it really is a nice feeling when you get up at six in the morning with a smile on your face, cause you know, what you will be doing for the next 8 to 10 hours fills you with pleasure. Except of that is is quite amazing to sit on your balkony and here some bike in the distance, realising by its sound that this is a bike that was done in your workshop.