What i do:

I restore, rebuild and build motorcycles and help people to find the right base for their project. The bike a client wants to base his build on is mostly already pretty definied. Never the less there might be some details the future owner did not take into consideration. I assist in finding the right bike, if requested i search for a suitable model and give it a precheck beofre the purchase. Than i transport it to Poland. Most of the bikes i find in Germany, Holland and France.


The Project: 

Building a motorcycle by hand is always more expensive than ordering it from a major company. Also it might take a while until it is finished. But it will be one of a kind and no one else will own one like it.

We will sit down and talk about your ideas, dreams and wishes, will add safty features and have an intensive talk about details and how to build the bike, so it comes as close as possible to the picture in your head. A close contact is essencial for this state of the project.


The Bikes:

If your desired Motorcycle is a vintage bike you have to take into

consideration, that often there is a restoration of the engine necessary as
well as a new wiring or a restoration of the suspension. In exchange it
gives you more creative possibilities for modifying frame, seat, tank
design, or engine modification and of course an unbeatable vintage feel of
the whole bike.  On the other hand you have to be prepared, to pay more
attention to the bike in general. In case you would like to base your bike on more contemporary motorcycles
like: Yamaha SR400/500, Kawasaki W650/800, Triumph Bonneville/Thruxton or
Harley sportster models, you can expect an engine that needs no major
restoration and also the possibility to service your bike in basically every
motorcycle workshop.


The Way to do it:

The typical way to rebuild or restore a motorbike, is to strip it down
completely and creating a mock-up. After that the parts like engine,
electrical, frame undergo an extensive examination and restoration process
based on the desired future target look. Some parts are better to be
replaced, like carburetors, some can just be refreshed, like nuts and bolts.
After that it is time to work on the details, that define the bike, make it
special and one of a kind.


The costs:

Prices very much depend on the clients desires and ideas. Because it is all
about the details, two bikes based on the same model can differ a lot if it
comes to the final cost. Also the general state of the donor bike plays an
important role.